Your own virtual store.

For most people who are not in the fashion business, the term Look Book can be pretty unfamiliar. Simply put it is a catalog of images illustrating the current styles for that season and we use them regularly in electronic form so that we can produce personalized collections for each client.

Click to view a Look Book I recently put together for one of my New York clients with outfits that complement the rest of his wardrobe.

I personally select pieces that take into account replacing his older staple pieces, introduce fresh new patterns and give him a convenient option to purchase personally selected clothing without taking too much time out of his day.

Although, I still meet with him twice a year in New York, he looks forward to receiving the Look Book because he can easily select new outfits any other time.

Convenience, beautiful fabrics and great fit, it’s what every one of my client’s love. An on-line, virtual store where you can see fabrics come to life.

If you would like your own personalized Look Book, feel free to let me know and I will review your past purchases to send you outfits that make sense. david@dgctailors.com

Please stay safe in these unpredictable times.

Davide Cotugno