Wedding Services

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Our services include:

  • Custom or ready-to wear suits or tuxedos for the groom/wedding party
  • With a library of available fabrics we can precisely match the bride/bridesmaids
  • Measuring and fitting for out of town wedding party participants
  • Delivery of your finished clothing to your venue
  • Want us to come tie the bow ties that morning?
  • Want us to make sure that everyone is dressed the way you expected?
  • Groomsmen gifts
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Gifting $100 or more to your groomsmen as a “Thank you” brings the cost down to where a rental tuxedo would be. We can also arrange for out of town groomsmen to contact one of our partners in various cities for measurements.

Personalized gifts such as humidors, personalized leather goods, etc. leave a lasting impression and reminder of your big day. What better way to say “Thank you” for being there for me?