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The Art Of Custom

The magic in the hands of your tailor is to capture a style that fits your body perfectly and that works for your lifestyle. For us, it is not simply a garment; it is a work of art that transforms raw fabric, linings and buttons into something that you are truly proud to wear for many years. So much so, that people will stop and compliment you.

Your body is so unique that our styling professionals go to great lengths to precisely measure you and create a paper template based on your individual measurements and body type. This template is then transferred onto the fabrics of your choice to create one of a kind garments that perfectly fit you and nobody else.

Our staff is personally trained alongside Head Tailor Giuseppe Cotugno to better understand what is involved in a truly bespoke garment and to ensure that the next generation of tailors will carry on those artisanal traditions.

Currently wearing custom clothing? You will find that our quality and personal service is one on one with a deep understanding of sophisticated fabrics, styling and why a Davide Cotugno garment is like nothing else you have ever worn.

Never had custom clothing? Chances are you are ready to step up to quality clothing that will actually fit you, not altered to almost fit.

We are custom, we never just dabble in it – Davide Cotugno