So What Is A Trunk Show?

So What Is A Trunk Show?

It’s not surprising that everyone identifies us with great fitting business attire.

Consequently, casual wear has taken a back seat for most of our clients. They rarely realize that we carry a comprehensive casual-wear selection, featuring designer jeans and casual pants, custom leather jackets and more.

Many of our clients have expressed that they can’t find a polo shirt that fits just right – too short, too long or too big. We searched for a solution and it’s here! Now you can experience the same Davide Cotugno custom fit, feel and comfort with the introduction of our expanded custom polo shirt program.

All polos feature premium fabrics sourced from the world’s best mills and our production ensures years of shrink resistant wear. Soft cotton oxford piques, lightweight jerseys or new tech fabrics in long sleeve, short sleeve or even jacket styles give you a wide assortment of choices for work, golf or just plain lounging.

Enhancing the details with contrast trim, buttons or even your own personal or business logo, truly personalizes your look.

In the early 1800’s traveling salesmen would journey from place to place with their steamer trunks filled with wares. All the latest exciting fabrics and styles would be revealed to a select audience. Retail space was often limited so trunk shows would become the must-see event whenever they rolled into town.

The Trunk Show ‘tradition’ continues today, but instead of large trunks, exclusive clothiers hand pick a collection of fabrics that will make up their inspirations for that season and invite a select group of their clients to preview and place orders.

We hope to see you at our event and meet our fabric guru, Scabal representative, Jon Hapanowicz.


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