Taormina – Soft Red Jacket


Custom made jacket by Davide Cotugno. Fabric by Scabal.

Our custom jackets are individually made and styled to your liking.

Named after the exclusive resort town on the coast of Scilly, Taormina returns this season refreshed and renewed. Designed with summer in mind the collection is relaxed and colorful with a combination of different constructions.

9 articles in a wool, silk and linen mix, open the range, this traditional summer combination creates cloths that are lightweight and naturally breathable with the silk adding an additional element of luxury.

New to the Scabal collections is the introduction of 11 articles made in Bamboo Viscose, this unique material adds an unrivalled richness to the colors along with a soft sheen that illuminates the fabrics and gives it a soft silky touch.

Colors range from bright and dramatic, reds, oranges, blues, purples and tobacco to more considered combinations of blues, browns and creams.

Our jackets can be custom constructed in 3 different tailoring grades. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?



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