Selecting a Custom Clothier: What to look for and what to ask

Selecting a Custom Clothier: What to look for and what to ask

Working with a custom clothier is like building a relationship. It’s okay to ask questions to be sure you will be happy with the outcome. Professional custom clothiers will not be offended if you ask:

  • Who trained you for custom fitting?
  • Are you trained to correctly measure and fit me?
  • How long have you been doing this?
  • Do you have references?


Being able to measure someone does not necessarily translate into a great fitting garment. Your tailor needs to have a trained eye that can spot those idiosyncrasies in your body that brought you to custom clothing in the first place. He will study your anatomy first and visually spot issues even before laying a measuring tape on you.

Visual cues such as:

  • Does your jacket gap at the back of the neck?
  • Is your shirt too full in the waist?
  • Do you have a muscular, head forward or military posture?
  • Are your shoulders sloped evenly?
  • Do you wear your pants low or high on the waist?


All this information dramatically changes the way your clothing fits. He understands that no one’s body is created the same and that a “canned” style does not work for everyone. That’s why tailors are in business.

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