Fashionista Masks

Fashionista Masks

Match your new suit, tuxedo or jacket.

Masks will be with us for a while and whatever your convictions, it’s always safer with one than without one. It is a small sacrifice to make to protect not just you, but your family, friends and clients. I know, I know, it’s not cool, it’s not macho and nobody likes being told what to do, but let’s face it, it will save yours or someone else’s life.

In the past few months, I have watched countless webinars looking for guidance from JumpStart, 10K Small Business and our own trade organization, Custom Tailors and Designers Association. All were immensely helpful, but one sponsored by ELITE, part of the London Stock Exchange was an insightful crystal ball into our country’s future. They had already experienced the fallout of COVID in the European business community and laid down the new “normal” groundwork for moving forward. Naturally, hygiene and masks were part of that plan. Most importantly as we head out to restaurants and long awaited functions, dressier masks are also part of that plan.

Our store is squeaky clean, since March we have been manufacturing masks ( our staff and clients wear masks, clothing is quarantined for three days before we work on them, all the precautions we can possibly take. Is it enough? Fact is we will never know but we are following protocol and thankfully we are healthy.

As of Thursday, July 22nd , Ohio’s Governor DeWine has mandated that all Ohio residents must wear masks in public. The rest of the world followed suit (no pun intended) months ago and their numbers are decreasing noticeably compared to the USA. Even my fashionista friends in Europe have embraced masks. They feel that if we have to live with them, let’s have some fun.

Matching or coordinating masks with your outfit shows some individuality that is sadly lacking these days. Sure, you can look like you just stepped out of surgery, but isn’t it time to clean up, feel good and start the fall season with a fresh, new look?

Our masks can be made from the same fabric as your new suit, tuxedo or jacket or choose from forty fun fabrics to match your casual outfits.

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