Custom Pants That Suit Your Style

Tired of baggy pants that are out of style or ill-fitting? We tailor pants that are geared for your body type and not someone else’s. Custom pants for casual, dress, and more formal events. Regardless of the occasion, it is important to fit your pants for comfort, style, and your lifestyle. To check these boxes, seeking a custom tailor is key.

Paired with our new seasonal custom jackets and dress shirts, our professionals can create a look you will not find in any other store. Better yet, we can help you match your existing shirts and jackets to create multiple outfits.

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Make it Fun & Make it Functional.

Custom Made Casual Pants

Choose from a selection of wool, cotton, natural and synthetic stretch fabrics to create your ideal pair of pants. Custom pants to fit your specific needs and body type.

A sophisticated update to casual wear, we now offer custom 5-Pockets pants, custom made jeans and ready to wear jeans along with chinos for casual comfort.

Fabrics include:

  • Super 100-140’s wool
  • Soft cotton & cotton lycra stretch blend
  • Washable golf slacks
  • Custom & ready to wear jeans

Styles: Choose from a variety of styles including, flat front, pleated, updated trim or traditional.

The Trimmings

  • Custom Dress/Casual Shirts
  • Custom belts
  • English Socks
  • Custom shoes & boots
  • Custom Polos & Sweaters

The Fit

  • Professional measurements by a Certified Tailor
  • Personalized pattern is made to your measurements
  • Detailed final fitting by a Certified Tailor


Do you have an existing pair of casual or formal pants that no longer fit your body? We can perform clothing alterations on your favorite pair of trousers, even if you didn’t purchase from us! Schedule an Alteration!