Custom Leather

Custom Leather

A leather jacket is one of those wardrobe pieces that, although you might not wear every day, should fit as well as your custom clothing. And if you crave that same versatility in style, colors and details that have made your custom clothing inherently your own, you will love our new Davide Cotugno line of custom leathers.

We meticulously walk you through all the stages of the design process to style and create a garment that fits you amazingly. Realized from your pattern that we keep on file, you now have the choice of 75 skin colors to choose in a multitude of styles from simple blazers to heavier outerwear.

Impeccably tailored from rich Italian leather, each garment is hand sewn to last for decades and will improve and grow softer with age. As with all of our hand sewn custom garments, each custom leather garment molds to your individual body shape over time for an amazing fit.

Today the variety of ready to wear leather garments is more about the designer name than actual fit and quality of leather. For many people finding the right size, fit and style is so difficult that our custom options make complete sense especially if we are making custom clothing for you already.

The process begins with a personal consultation to determine your vision and we can expertly guide you through the rest of the decisions such as choice of leathers, linings and buttons. If you prefer us to style it for you, not a problem.  Stop in or give us a call to get the process started.



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