Why Choose Custom or Bespoke Clothing?

There are many reasons why a custom garment is a superior choice in the fashion industry. If you’re looking for men’s and women’s custom suits, jackets, pants and shirts that match your sense of style, the bespoke experience is right for you.

What does bespoke actually mean? Bespoke is a word often bandied around by companies, but what does it actually mean? The word has an interesting history as discussed in this article. Initially, the word bespoke was “a past participle of the verb ‘to bespeak’ which meant ‘to exclaim or call out’, then it changed to describe ‘to discuss, decide upon’ and lastly became ‘discussed in advance’, hence its use to describe tailor-made garments.

Our clients range from athletes with unique body types to business professionals looking to build custom wardrobes. Clients come for the experience and leave with a luxury bespoke garment.

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It’s so confusing nowadays to discern what is custom and what isn’t. What makes one better than the other, and why do some cost more than others? Fabric quality is undoubtedly a factor, but with many ready-to-wear stores offering made to measure as “custom,” consumers have little idea as to what they actually get.

It’s like comparing a Maserati with a pickup truck or fresh fruit with canned;
they get the job done, but is that really what you want?

At Davide Cotugno, we take out the mystery and lay out precisely what you are getting so that you can make the best decision.

Meet Your Tailors


President & Owner

Born in Italy and educated in England, Davide grew up learning the art of tailoring from a true Master Tailor, his father Giuseppe. In 1974, fresh out of school, Davide joined Hepworth’s Tailors of Leeds, England winning numerous design, sales & management awards while managing six retail shops throughout the British Isles.

After moving to the United States he pioneered a new concept in custom clothing by visiting professionals at their place of business to plan out their seasonal wardrobes. His intimate knowledge of both English and Italian styling and fabric technology brought a new edge to traditional American clothing.

With the opening of his first store in 1997, Davide’s handpicked product lines had a home to be showcased and today is a welcome refuge for clients to relax and enjoy an espresso while selecting unique items that fit their personality.

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Creative Fashion Director & COO

Growing up working alongside her grandfather Giuseppe and parents Francesca and Davide, Marisa brings over 17 years of expertise, along with great style and the embodiment of true customer service.

A Business graduate from Wheeling Jesuit University, Marisa directs all aspects of company operations including buying and a creative role in all aspects of custom clothing. Working alongside our women’s designer, she is able to guide clients through the designing, measuring and fitting process to create a truly unique ladies garment.