Care For Your Wear

Care For Your Wear


Investing in a quality garment that was made specifically for you is a first step in building the foundations of your complete wardrobe. With periodic maintenance and a little tender, loving care it will last you many years by following some simple guidelines.


Always hang your clothing after each wear on the hanger provided. These hangers are specially chosen to maintain the shape of the shoulders and will allow your garment to breathe. DO NOT USE a wire hanger, as it will ruin the shoulders.


Rest your garment for 2-3 days, especially after a trip or rigorous wearing. Seasonal clothing should be stored in the original Davide Cotugno garment bag with lavender or cedar to protect from moths. Moth balls are not recommended.


It only needs 2-3 times a year if the garment is visibly soiled. Suits should be cleaned together with the pants to avoid uneven color. Pearl and metal buttons should be covered by your cleaner and if they need replacement buttons to match, please contact us. Avoid dry cleaning if your garment is only wrinkled, as in most cases, the wrinkles will release overnight.


Like a reliable car, clothing needs periodic maintenance to prolong its lifetime. Letting out or taking in clothing for our clients is pretty common and our full service tailor shop is equipped to handle almost any major or minor alteration from replacing buttons to re-cutting the garment.


Once a year we recommend you bring in your dry cleaned garment for an inspection. For a nominal fee, our tailors will:

Check for loose buttons, linings, etc.

Reduce/let out to measurements

Professionally press, reshape and restore each part of the garment to its original condition, as many dry cleaners will tend to press garments flat and limp

If you should have any questions or suggestions regarding your clothing buying experience and the care of your custom garments, please visit our blog or contact us at

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