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We created our showroom to be a welcome reprieve from your hectic day, an oasis located in the Cleveland/Akron area where you can relax with an espresso and biscotti. Buying clothing shouldn’t be a chore and though we built our business on visiting many of our clients in their offices, many still love to come in and just take a deep, relaxing breath. Of course, if you can’t make it in, we’ll be happy to visit you, after all, we have been the pioneers of office visits for almost forty years On The Road- We come to you.

As a full service haberdasher, we are not your typical tailor shop that makes only suits because custom jackets, pants, shirts, outerwear’ and tuxedos are part of our complete offerings along with great accessories.

Our seasonal clothing collection starts with sorting through hundreds of fabrics that our cloth mills offer to create a look that we feel is right for our clients, a comprehensive mix of classics and fresh fabrics that are up-to-date. Around these, we build another assortment of coordinating pieces and accessories such as shirts, ties, socks, shoes and casual wear all hand-picked from some of the finest fabric and style houses in the world.

Italian and leather jackets and Unique ties from Pescara, hand-worked leather jackets from Tuscany, beautiful sweaters from Abruzzo, sumptuous silk formal wear from Denver, outerwear from Mantova and stylish pocket squares from Essex and Calabria. All are limited edition so that duplication is rare.

So stop in, relax, have a drink, look around and enjoy the experience.


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